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The Hummingbird Position

The Hummingbird is a versatile position which requires the lovers to be fit. If you get tired easily, then this position is not for you. However, don’t be dismayed if you can’t get it right the first time.
Delta Position
The Delta is a position intended for deep penetration.
The woman is to lie on her back with her right leg raised upward.
She can rest her right leg on the man’s right shoulder, as he straddles on top of her.
He sits on top of the woman with her left thigh in-between his legs.
The woman can hold onto the man’s thighs as he penetrates her.
The closeness of this position means that kissing is a must.

In the Delta position, the man is free to use his hands to caress her breasts, face, and neck.
He can also can rest his arms on his lover if he is tired and needs support.
The woman can also control the motions and thrusts of her lover by placing her two hands on his buttocks.
This gives the woman some control despite the man being largely dominant.

Additionally, the Delta can be done with the help of a pillow under the woman’s buttocks.
This raises her torso and allows for the man to penetrate from a more agreeable angle.
Some couples might opt for this since it makes this lovemaking position easier.